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seun; gaelic dilect

denial. refusal to believe.

Oliver Malcolm
3 August
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I N F O;

Name; Oliver Malcolm
Nickname; Ol, Ollie (Although he hates them all)
Age; 20
DOB; August 3rd
Zodiac; Leo
eyes; brown
hair; brown
religion; athiest
abilities; control over electrical currents, from static electricity to lightning.

P E R S O N A L I T Y;

Oliver is a heavily jaded individual, although he isn't without his quirks. He's got a dark sense of humor, and while he doesn't regularly flirt with women, he will if someone catches his eye. He doesn't smile so much as grin, although it's always got a sort of false feel to it. Everything about him feels calculated and pretense and a careful shade to keep people at an arms length. If someone were to actually get under his skin, they'd find that scared little boy who didn't understand why people kept getting killed and he kept getting rejected because of it.

Becoming a Seal has taken a bit of its toll on Oliver. He's sofened since his pre-Seal days, and has allowed himself to become marginally close to the group he's now surrounded by. He's also trying to make an effort to open up to his older sister who he's recently discovered alive and well, although it's difficult, considering her opposing status in the War.

H I S T O R Y;

Oliver has been running from his destiny ever since he was born. He was natively from a small town in Scotland, but at the age of two he was orphaned, due to a huge fire and explosion in his home. Electrical causes, they'd said, were the reason for the death of his two older sisters and parents. Somehow, he'd survived. They'd thought he was protected by God, and had been looked after by the mayor of the city, up until the wife of the mayor died unexpectedly.

Since then, he was bounced through foster homes, tragedy following his tiny footsteps until he landed in an orphanage in Chelmsford at ten. No one would take responsibility for him after that, and most of the kids in the orphanage thought he was weird, so they avoided him. It was in that orphanage that he finally felt out his powers, learned that somehow, all the weird deaths had been his fault. Had happened when he was mad, or scared or angry, and lights had gone out or burst and he'd just thought it was all a weird coincidence.

At thirteen he met a Dreamseer who told him exactly who he was. He didn't believe the crazy man then, considering he was travelling in a cracked out carnival.

When he was seventeen he left the orphanage, determined to find his own way, following a prospective lead for a job, something he obviously needed. He was finally allowed into the trust fund and various other things his parents had set up for him, and he moved to London, picking up a job at a bar, and finding himself an apartment close by. He worked there for three years, coming and going as he pleased, occasionally disappearing when he heard something about a carnival coming to town, or 'Dreamseers.'

He was doing everything he could to avoid being found by that insane man who'd told him he was 'Kamui' or whatever. He didn't want anything to do with it. He had a weird power, he figured it out, and that was that. He didn't need anyone hearing about it, and he didn't want anyone helping him with it. He was more efficient on his own.

Of course, it started to come to his attention that there were people trying to befriend him, a little too pushy about it, a little too obtrusive, and he realized that these were the people the Dreamseer had told him about. Trouble was, he still didn't want anything to do with it.

So, he ignores them.

After meeting Skuld (timeunfolds), he ended up reluctantly and by no means quickly, falling in love with her. He slowly started paying more attention and becoming more aware of the war, and what was happening.

He didn't really like what he saw. The straw that broke the camel's back, however, was when Matthew Inglesworth (thefinalwall) very nearly killed Skuld and severely messed up Jack (lookinguptoyou). After that he tried to confront Mat, but the first time failed.

Got himself beat up pretty bad, which only succeeded in making him determined to kill Mat.

He enlisted the help of Stephen (dreamtofdestiny) to find out exactly what the Legendary Weapon was.

Then he took Skuld and Jack, found Arthur's tomb, and obtained Excalibur.

It wasn't until after he killed Mat that his becoming a Seal was apparent.

Shortly after that, his eldest sister Marcella (aimhleas) made herself known to him as an Angel. This messed with him a little, since he'd previously thought himself the only surviving member of his family. To find out that his older sister was alive and against him in the war he was a deciding factor of? Yeah.

And after all of THAT... Oliver finally admitted to Skuld that he was in love with her, and he was afraid of losing her. That led to sex, which led to Skuld getting pregnant.

So now he's got the end of the world, a pregnant girlfriend, a crazy dreamseer, and an annoying little girl on his hands.

He kind of wishes he'd stayed in bed the morning all this shit came to head.

D I S C L A I M E R;

.Oliver is a creation of my brain. His personality and characterization are my own. His face is Orphen from the anime Sorcerous Stabber Orphen which is owned by ADV and all those fun people. The X/1999 theme was created by the lovely ladies of CLAMP. This is all for worldresolution.